Diamond Starfish Collection Starfish Ring

Diamond Starfish Collection Starfish Ring



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Name Starfish Ring
Department Fashion
Type Ring

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Toodie's Fine Jewelry Diamond Starfish Collection
Diamond Starfish Collection

The Diamond Starfish was originally designed for one very special individual close to my heart, my wife, Happy! When I presented the pendant to my wife and she was instantly in love! It was a great feeling and I knew it would stay close to her heart forever. 

Weeks, months, and years went by, the compliments exploded around the South Shore and Boston Areas while she was out and about. Everyone asked her “Where did you get that!?”, so she of course said, “My husband designed it for me!”, which then of course lead to their husbands walking into the store shortly after requesting my starfish. I never thought such a simple design would have created such a buzz! I’m truly grateful for its success and so proud to see it walking around the South Shore from day to day. 

As we grew, I decided to create additional pieces to the collection. Besides the Diamond Starfish Pendant, I now also offer it in the form of Earrings, Bracelets, and even a Ring for those who may way to mix and match. I challenge you to pair it however you feel looks best and I invite you into my store to try it on! 

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