Happy Jacobs

Happy Jacobs
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Hi everyone! My name is Happy (Yes, like Happy Birthday) and I am blessed with being the wife of Howard for 31 years and knowing him for over 37 years! Together we have 3 beautiful children,  a daughter-in-law and now the most handsome grandsons, if I do say so myself.  You might not find me in the store as much these days, but I help with a lot of behind the scenes work, such as making phone calls, decorating the store and feeding my husband, sons, and employees too!

When Howard first opened the store in memory of his mother Toodie, he didn't start with much but he was able to grow his business through great products and endless amounts of resources accompanied by fantastic pricing! I still believe in him to this day because of how we have treated our customers over all the years. I am so proud of the Toodie's brand and my family for the growth of this business 36 years later.

During my personal time, I can be found taking care of my grandsons, spending time with friends, and frequenting cooking classes throughout the South Shore. I love to cook and have an arsenal of recipes, therefore if you're looking for something new, I would love to assist in adding that new meal to your kitchen table.

I do appreciate the opportunity to work with you now and in the near future. 

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