Howard & Happy Jacobs

Howard & Happy Jacobs
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Meet the pillars of Toodie's Fine Jewelry: Howard Jacobs and his wonderful wife, Happy.

Howard, a proud Quincy, Massachusetts native, embarked on his jewelry journey at the tender age of eighteen. Beginning as an apprentice, his passion and skill swiftly propelled him to open his very own store just a year later, a heartfelt tribute named after his late mother, Toodie Jacobs. Certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in 1984, Howard's expertise lies in crafting jewelry tailored to each client's unique desires. Over the past four decades, his dedication and the trust of our loyal customers have transformed Toodie's Fine Jewelry into the epitome of sophistication it is today, catering to all your fine jewelry, diamonds, luxury timepieces, and giftware needs. Beyond his business, Howard's heart beats for his grandchildren, worldwide travels, gourmet restaurant explorations, and the thrilling world of luxury cars.

Beside him stands Happy, embodying joy just as her name suggests. Married to Howard for an incredible 36 years, she's been the silent force behind Toodie's, ensuring everything runs smoothly, from phone calls to store aesthetics. Not just a business partner, Happy is also a loving mother and grandmother, a culinary enthusiast, and a constant seeker of new recipes, always ready to introduce you to your next favorite dish.

Together, they've witnessed Toodie's evolve and flourish over 41 years, and their commitment to excellence and genuine customer relationships remains unwavering.

At Toodie's, we aren't just about exquisite jewelry; we're about family, legacy, and lasting connections. Thank you for being a part of our journey, and here's to crafting many more shimmering memories together!

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